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Hefei Qixing Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to research, development, production and sales of various kinds of transformers, reactors, ozone generators and inductor coils. Advanced design methods, strict manufacturing processes, precise inspection equipment, and complete management system ensure that the company's products can meet the needs of different users. Company's products include: EI type, ring type, R type, CD type, etc. Power transformers, filter reactors, input / output reactors, various types of filter inductors. Products are widely used in various home appliances, power equipment reactive compensation, inverter and other fields. With more than 26-year experience, Hefei Qixing Electric Appliance Co., Ltd always adhere to the "top quality" route. Our technology and quality have been in a leading position in transformer industry. We may not be able to offer the cheapest price, but we can promise the best quality and higher value to customers.

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